FAQ for discontinued apps
This is a list of frequently asked questions and answers for legacy apps that have been discontinued and are no longer supported.

What you need to know:
  • Discontinued apps no longer receive updates and tech support
  • Use discontinued apps at your own risk as they may stop working at any time due to changes in the operating system
If you are running an old app that has been discontinued, you may continue to use your purchased version on compatible systems for as long as you like, it's important to note:
  • discontinued apps do not receive further updates / support
  • discontinued apps may stop working if they become incompatible with changes in the operating system
  • if you have data saved in the app, please backup your data in a format that is accessible outside of the app to prevent data loss if the app stops working
Purchased from App Store / Microsoft Store:
While discontinued apps are no longer available to new users, existing users can still reinstall the app on compatible devices from the purchased section.

How to Re-Install Apps Purchased From The Apple App Store

How to Re-Install Apps Purchased From The Microsoft Store

Purchased license code directly from aidaluu.com:
You can still download and install the last available version using the instructions in your order confirmation email.
Not all retired apps have new editions or suitable replacement apps. For retired apps where we have a replacement available, you may qualify for a discount. Request an upgrade discount.

Please note some app store platforms do not support upgrade discounts, we are not able to offer discounts for existing users in these cases.
Discontinued apps no longer receive updates. If changes in a newer OS are incompatible with the app, discontinued apps may stop working. There's unfortunately nothing we can do to retrieve data for you as everything is saved physically on your device.

If you have deleted or reinstalled this app, the app data may have been removed as well.

If you still have the app installed, you can try to salvage source level raw data. Please keep in mind source level data are generally databases and raw data used by the app, they are not designed to be consumed by end users.
iOS Apps
iOS apps from the App Store are “sandboxed". If your app supports file sharing, you can connect your device to your Mac to retrieve files (NOT all iOS apps support file sharing)
  • On your Mac, open a Finder window
  • Connect your iOS device to your computer with a USB cable
  • Select your device in Finder
  • Click the Files tab to see a list of apps that can share files, locate the discontinued app
  • Click on the triangle next to the app to expand file list
  • Drag and drop folders you see to your Mac desktop (or another location if you prefer)
Reference link:
Use the Finder to share files between your Mac and your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps
Apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store are located in the following location:

This location is a system folder and is hidden by default. Each app is located in its own subfolder within the Packages folder. Most app data is stored in the “LocalState” subfolder. Please do not manually change any files as this may corrupt operational data for the app.